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Curated Knowledge from Industry Experts

While beekeeping practices can be quite personal to the individual beekeeper, there is much to be said for the power of shared knowledge. We are bound to achieve more success together than we could individually. Countless bright minds are focused on improving and educating the beekeeping industry. Below are a few resources to get you started.

Bee Hive Transparent

The ABF has curated an extensive resource guide of articles and videos pertinent to all levels of beekeeping.


You'll find a state-by-state glossary of beekeeping organizations and swarm removal contacts, local ordinance information, grant opportunities, grower resources and more. 

Agricultural stakeholders working together to improve bee health.


Here you will find information and programs on hive management, crop and pest management, honey bee habitat, nutrition, crop-specific best practices and more.

The publishers of the American Bee Journal bring you this searchable database of beekeeping knowledge. 


They cover a vast array of topics from hive parts to hive health to honey harvest, and everything in between. See the Beekeeper's Calendar for a seasonal guide on apiary best practices. 

A collection of knowledge from industry experts including the USDA, Bee Informed Partnership and many others that have tested strategies and new research to share with the public.

Find articles and videos on beekeeping, honey bee biology, health, nutrition, pests, etc.

Scientific resources curated by the University of Massachusetts. 

Start here for information on what to know before getting a hive, yearly management, and pests and diseases. This page will direct you to information on swarming, splitting, supering, winter prep, and queen management and rearing.

Keep up on current industry news and political events affecting the beekeeping industry. 

Their resource guide directs you toward various organizations, publications, disaster assistance programs, USDA-ARS research facilities, insurance providers, etc.

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