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Italian Queen Bees

Naturally mated Italian queens
Naturally mated Italian queens.

The Italian or Ligustica honeybee is the most popular in the world. Kona Queen Breeder Queens and Drone Mothers are chosen from top commercial honey producing colonies.

Kona Queen Italian characteristics:

  • These production-proven queens must not only be the top producers, but must pass other stringent tests regarding resistance to diseases, temperament and honey-producing qualities. Our Italians produce large frames of brood, in a tight pattern.

  • These queens will expand on their brood patterns when stimulated, and also curtail brood rearing after the honey flow. Kona Queen Italians usually store honey in the brood nest, and rarely need to be fed.

Naturally mated Italian queens.
Naturally mated Italian queens.

  • They are excellent honey producers and not likely to swarm.

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