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Welcome to the Home of the World's Leading Producer of Quality Queen Bees

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Kona Queen Hawaii- The World's Best Queen Breeding Climate

Commercial Queen Breeding in the Tropics
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We offer two breeds of queen bees,
available now by phone, fax or email.
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Italian Bees

Italian queen

The Italian honeybee is the most popular in the world. Kona Queen Italians are excellent honey producers, tested for disease resistance, and gentle.

Carniolan Bees

Carniolan Queen

Carniolan bees are well known for their ability to winter well in severe climates, and build up quickly in the spring.

--There are no Africanized bees in Hawaii--

Why choose Kona Queens?

By investing in Kona Queens, you are receiving a quality line of bees developed over many years under commercial conditions. We constantly strive to offer you the best quality and service.
We select for quality at every stage of queen production. We deliver strong and healthy young queens..
Our service record cannot be approached by any other queen breeder. Because of our Hawaiian weather patterns and location of our mating yards, we can produce queens on a more reliable schedule than anyone in the business. With direct connections to all parts of the world, your queens are delivered quickly.
We constantly seek out new markets. If you are interested in being a DISTRIBUTOR, IMPORTER, or a regular CUSTOMER, we would like to hear from you!

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