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Kona Queens

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Our queens are raised in agricultural areas with forests, ranches, coffee, macadamia nuts, and various fruit crops. 

You can expect high acceptance rates, low supercedure, and great longevity.

Italian queen

Kona Italian

The Italian or Ligustica honey bee is the most popular in the world. Kona Queen Breeder Queens and Drone Mothers are chosen from top commercial honey producing colonies.

These production-proven queens pass other stringent tests regarding temperament and resistance to diseases. Our Italians produce large frames of brood in a tight pattern. 

These queens will expand on their brood patterns when stimulated, and also curtail brood rearing after the honey flow. Kona Queen Italians usually store honey in the brood nest and rarely need to be fed.


They are excellent honey producers and not likely to swarm. 

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Carniolan Queen

Carniolan or Carnica honey bees are known for their ability to winter well in severe climates and build up quickly in the spring. They will work in slightly cooler conditions than the Italian queens.


Carniolan queens keep a very tight brood nest with heavy stores of honey. These black queens are mated to our Italian drones to provide a hybrid colony with beautiful brood patterns and highly productive hives.


Instrumental insemination is used to maintain and enhance this stock.

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2022 Price List

Shipping NOW through November 16, 2022


1,000+ Queens

$27 each


on all orders of 100+

Our 1,000 price is cumulative – once you reach 1,000 queens ordered in a year you get a rebate!

25 - 99 Queens

$29 each

Shipping is an additional charge of

$50 - $75

100 - 999 Queens

$28 each


on all orders of 100+

10 - 24 Queens

$30 each

Shipping is an additional charge of

$50 - $75

10 queens is our minimum order


Our queens are packed in a three-hole wooden Kelley cage. Orders of 10 - 49 queens will be shipped with the attendants inside the cage with the queens.

For orders of 50+ queens, you may choose whether you would like the attendants inside the cage or loose in the box on the outside of the cage. 


MARKED: Add $1.00 per queen (2022 color = yellow)

CLIPPED: Add $1.00 per queen

Foreign orders other than Canada add $1.00 per queen plus freight.


Queens ship Monday through Wednesday only

to ensure proper transit time before weekend closures.


We stop shipping for the year the week of Thanksgiving. This prevents the queens from being lost in the frenzy of holiday shopping and gives our bees a chance to rest.


Shipping method varies based on season, location, and order quantity. In order to guarantee live delivery of our queens, we require shipment to the carrier's Customer Service Center. Shipping cost varies from $50 for up to 49 queens to $75 for 50 - 99 queens. Free domestic shipping on all orders of 100+

Air Freight

The minimum order for shipment by air freight on a commercial airline is 100 queens.

Availability varies based on season and location. Contact us for current rates and availability.


We offer queens for select international export from June through October. Orders for export should be placed at least 30 days prior to the date you wish to receive the queens to insure time for proper permitting.

We will provide a quote upon request within 60 days of the desired dispatch date.


Per state regulations, we are only permitted to ship queens to Oahu due to the presence of

varroa destructor mites.

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